Implement the 19th CPC National Congress Spirit to Provide Targeted Poverty Alleviation at Zacun Village


With the implementation of the 19th CPC National Congress spirit, response to the call for "targeted poverty alleviation", implementation of poverty alleviation philosophy of "adjust measures to local conditions, the weaker needs to start early, exert targeted poverty alleviation constantly" suggested by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc regards the government implementation opinion on overall poverty alleviation proposed by the District Party Committee and District Government as the guidance, takes solving the problem of food and clothing for the poor people, facilitating the income growth for the poor people, promoting corporate culture and presenting the social responsibility of the company as its objectives to soundly carry out special poverty alleviation by means of science and technology, industry, education, etc. for helping to win the battle against poverty.

For progress of poverty alleviation, we not only should act in unison take common measures that can meet current requirements, but also need to stress the key points and strengthen the assistance to villages and households in extreme poverty. In order to do the work well, the company selected offices of SPDA in Guoke Village, Gulu Town, Naqu County, Naqu City, and Zacun Village, Zhaxizong Township, Lhatse County, Shigatse City where the District SFDA is located, as well as Chacang village, Coqên County, Ngari Prefecture to conduct field investigation and jointly determine the support plan and program with the village office personnel and Village Committees according to the causes of poverty in June 2018.

The first targeted poverty alleviation area selected by the company is Zacun Village at an average altitude of 4050 meters above sea level with low temperature, large temperature difference, concentrated rainfall, distinctive dry and wet climate in different seasons. The Village has less rain and snow and more gale in winter and spring.Its average annual temperature is 7 ℃, with the lowest temperature to be about 25 ℃ below zero. The village has a population of 380 in 57 households, including 256 people with labour capacity, 18 poverty-stricken households and 3 extreme poverty-stricken households. There are 1,555 mu of arable land, 24,362 mu of pasture within the village and the number of livestock and poultry is 1,128. Its main economic income is from agriculture, supplemented by agricultural cooperative, transportation, handwork and working outside, and there are many wastelands in the village due to its location within the basin of Yajiang River main channel. Lack of labor and production resources are the main causes of its poverty.

The standard of poverty alleviation for Zacun Village is to reach an average annual income of RMB 4,544. The investigation mainly focused on 3 extreme poverty-stricken households, and one of them was selected according to their level of poverty, to analyze the poverty cause for developing a support plan.

The object and measures of poverty alleviation determined by Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc for Zacun Village are:

Tsering Rwindi, male, 56 years old, ordinary labor. His wife Sonan Tara, 56 years old, ordinary labor; they have no children. Their production resources include 3 farm cattle, 3 sheep, 10 mu of highland barley (for self-consumption and no extra for sale), and the main economic income comes from ecological allowance of RMB 6,000 per year.Causes of poverty: lack of production resources and labor shortage

Support program: Provide them with a freezer, some rice, Tsampa, yak butter, clothes, a television and other living materials. Provide them with herbicides and some commonly used medicines.


On July 11, 2018, the company contacted the personnel of village office in Zacun Village to donate the materials according to the local conditions and needs. The donated materials included montmorillonite powder, salvia tablet, apocynum venetum, ofloxacin eye drops, glyphosate herbicide. Meanwhile, the company directly sent the smart television, freezer, winter clothes, Tsampa, yak butter to the home of Tsering Rwindi which was a poverty-stricken household. The company promises to visit Zacun Village semiannually to care for the poverty-stricken households constantly and effectively satisfy their real needs. The donated items are worth more than RMB 81,000.


The donation was held in the meeting room of Zacun Village Committee. Members of Zacun Village Committee, Trashi Chhoe Dzong Township, Lhatse County, Shigatse City, television journalists all participated in the donation ceremony of medicines and clothing. At the ceremony, the representative of Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc paid high tribute to the personnel who dedicated themselves to Zacun Village for a long time. The representative said that the public welfare support not only is the responsibility of the government, but also an undertaking that should be undertaken by the whole society. Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc hopes to give back to the society and thank the society by targeted poverty alleviation to support the development of Zacun Village with actual actions and pay close attention to the health of villagers.


Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc always adheres to the enterprise mission of "help patients overcome diseases and maintain people's health all the time." It will positively respond to the national call for targeted poverty alleviation, assist to implement "real poverty alleviation and alleviation of real poverty". It will promote economic development in the targeted regions and help targeted population get rid of poverty and get rich through investing poverty alleviation resources. In the future, the company will continue to concern the targeted poverty alleviation, and provide assistance to Guoke Village, Zacun Village and Chacang Village to constantly follow up the progress of targeted poverty alleviation and positively participate in the targeted poverty alleviation.


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