Lhasa Media Pay Great Attention to the Development of Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc


On November 28, a news titled Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc Develops Medical and Health Industry Based on Local Region was published by mainstream media of Lhasa. The article explains the corporate culture essence of our company in details. The whole article introduces the determination of Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc to develop traditional medicine based on Lhasa in the new historical background and briefs the company’s development history of over 10 years.


The article particularly mentions the company’s new project, Health Product of Highland Barley Tea. The start and implementation of the project attract close attention from the Economic Development Administration of Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone.The raw material source of Highland Barley Tea mainly relies on purchase of local herbs, which increases the income of surrounding medicinal herb growers and the local job opportunities, effectively facilitating the development of local economy, implementing the organic combination of the fundamental interests of the people and the entire project. At present, the major framework of the project has been completed and the entire project is expected to be completed at the end of next year.


(The construction of Highland Barley Tea Project is in full swing)

The article also points out that Tibet Aim Pharm. Inc thoroughly studies and implements the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress under the new historical background to forge ahead and bear more social responsibility by staying true to its mission. As a new high-tech enterprise, it genuinely transforms sci-tech achievements into productivity and drives the development of the enterprise by sic-tech innovation to create more economic values.

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