Leaders of Provincial Party Committee Reform Office, Provincial Health Commission and the Pharmaceutical Industry Department of the Provincial Economic and Information Office Visited Sichuan Vital


In the afternoon of December 20, Li Shijin, Director of the Reform 3rd Division of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Reform Office, Li Yang, Director of the Bureau of Pharmaceutical Affairs of Provincial Health Commission visited our company to investigate and guide the work on drug consistency evaluation. He Jian, a leader of Pharmaceutical Industry Department of the Provincial Economic and Information Office accompanied the delegation.


During the meeting, Pang Guoqiang, general manager of our company, gave a detailed report on the company's basic situation, key products and future project and product planning according to investigation outline requirements in light of the company's actual situation to the investigating team leading experts. Subsequently, Wu Qing, director of the New Drug Research and Development Department, elaborated on the drug consistency evaluation work and product introduction.


After the report, the researchers and the company's senior leaders had in-depth communication and exchanges. In light of the actual situation, Director Li Shijin inquired about the company's research and development team and related incentives for the company's talents, and listened to the company's problems related to the healthy development of the private economy in Sichuan Province. Subsequently, the research team and the company accompanied by the company's senior management to the preparation site to the production site for a field visit.


The investigating team affirmed the company's development and achievements, highly praised the company's current production management model and also placed high hopes on the future of Vital.



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